5 Travel Activities I Enjoy No Matter Where I Travel

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Traveling is a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Alfred and I are fortunate enough to travel quite a few times throughout the year. We have not yet taken the plunge to make it our full time occupation but perhaps one day we will. I never imagined that I would be afforded so many opportunities to see and experience the world. Heading out to a new place with my husband is definitely fun. We both bring different things to the table when we travel together and usually find quite a few new adventures to embark on. Whether it’s hanging over the edge of a gigantic cliff, parasailing, or exploring gardens, forests, or caves…it’s always an adventure and a memory to last a life time. Travel activities are definitely what make the act of traveling better. Just going to a new place isn’t enough; we have to do something! 

These experiences are what we travel for…if we wanted monotony, we’d stay home. But travel, basically, interrupts the tick, tick, tick of normalcy. It offers us a rush of adrenaline, emotions, and adds a little uncertainty to life. While things can be uncertain and exciting no matter where we travel, there are a few travel activities I always do when we travel to a new place. These travel activities make me feel good inside. I’m not really sure how to explain it but here goes…

5 Travel Activities I Enjoy No Matter Where I Travel. My Normal Gay Life Blog1) Wander

This one is super important to me! It doesn’t matter where we travel to; it could be in the middle of nowhere USA or in some chic, world-class city. I need just a bit of time to wander about without any purpose. I love to meander along city streets taking a left or a right for no reason. This is how I see the city or the place for what it truly is…and that’s kind of awesome. It’s also how I’ve captured some of my best photos during my travels. I typically enjoy doing this alone but company is always nice.

 2) Eat like the locals

For me, part of traveling is to really experience a different way of life. Even when we travel to the other side of North Carolina (the state I live in), cuisines change. Food is one of those things that really help create the identity of a people and a place. While I enjoy restaurants catering to tourists sometimes, eating like a local is always a priority to me. 

3) Drink like the locals

With eating comes drinking. I thoroughly enjoy beverages of any kind. For this though, I am focused more on alcoholic beverages. In North Carolina alone, we have hundreds of microbreweries. So we have a plethora of beers to try. Whenever I travel elsewhere, I also love to taste the spirits of choice. While in Mexico, we drank tequila at a distillery. In France, we sipped Chartreuse in Grenoble. These experiences are an important part of the culture and I really enjoy them. 

4) Art 5 Travel Activities I Enjoy No Matter Where I Travel. My Normal Gay Life Blog

If at all possible, I usually attempt to seek out art museums, galleries, and even roadside artists. The art in an area can really sum up the culture. As artists, Alfred and I have a deep appreciation of artists and artisans when we travel. We typically purchase one or two items to add to our art collection at home. 

5) Gay Culture

It is always interesting to experience the gay scene in another place. In Raleigh (the city where I live), the scene is only ok but we are very fortunate to have a gay scene at all. When we travel we enjoy immersing ourselves in the gay culture of the area. In a lot of places, it typically means we end up having some pretty funny or interesting experiences which later translate to great stories!These five things are always priorities when I travel. There are a million experiences to have when you visit a new place but for me these experiences help seal the deal. 

What are some of your  must-do travel activities?

Comment below, I’d love to hear what your favorite travel activities are!

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