5 Activities You Should Do In Dublin

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A few years ago (before I’d even started this blog), we took a trip to Ireland. We stayed in Cork, road-tripped across the country, and then also stayed in Dublin. The trip was incredible and plenty of memories were made. Our experiences were as varied as ringing church belles to being chased by dogs to having a go-go dance jiggle his man parts in our faces, haha.

But for this post, I am going to focus on our stay in Dublin.

5 Activities You Should Do In Dublin. My Normal Gay Life BlogDublin is the beautiful capital city of Ireland steeped in history. It was founded as a viking settlement and became Ireland’s principal city following the Norman invasion. Of course, it was once part of the British empire as well. So the city has a long history of battles, conquests, and is a historical center for education, the arts, administration, and industry.

Now that we have the educational bit behind us, let’s move on. When we visited Dublin, we used AirBnB to find a place to stay after staying at a hotel in Cork. It was totally worth it because we ended up staying in a quaint Victorian era home and our host was also gay…which made things all the more comfortable. Our hosts name was Fergus and he was a splendid host. He had our room prepared nicely and included some Dublin travel and tourism materials. Upon our arrival he even treated us to a pint at the local pub  and he threw a dinner party in our honor the night before we left for the US. 

We spent the next few days exploring the city and here are our highlights from the trip. Don’t miss out on any of these things and remember to enjoy the little things!

1) Oldest Pub In Ireland

Before we’d even arrived in Dublin, I decided I definitely wanted to eat at the Brazen Head because it is the oldest pub in Ireland. The pub dates back to 1198 (WHOA! That’s old). It’s always fun to experience a bit of history so we ate our first lunch in Dublin here. The history in this pub is palpable and it was amazing to think about the countless people who’ve enjoyed a pint and some bangers in this place. 

2) Random Churches

One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is the experience of walking through places of worship. Europe is full of churches and Ireland is no exception. I remember we had snacks in one churches courtyard and wandered around the interiors and grounds of many others.  Of course, we saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral as well…though we didn’t go inside.

Pro Tip: Always leave a little donation when you tour a church. 

3) The Guinness Store House

No trip to Dublin would complete without touring the Guinness Store House. We spend half a day walking around this monstrous learning about the history of Guinness and its importance to Irish culture. At the end of the tour, staff members taught us how to pour the perfect Guinness and we enjoyed an included pint. The space at the top of store house offers incredible 360 degree views of Dublin. 

4) Gay Night Life

Without a doubt, we enjoyed the gay scene in Dublin. The venues range from quiet, piano-like bars to over the top wild clubs. We did a bit of research and knew where all the bars were located but we used Grindr to meet some guys who then took us out and showed us a good time. The gay scene also includes a bathhouse if that’s your thing. The music was great, the dancers were hot, and the patrons were uninhibited you could say. 

5) Wandering About

Another thing I enjoy doing when traveling is to take time to just wander. Basically, I don’t use a map and just walk. Take this turn, that turn, get off the bus or metro at a random spot and continue to wander. I’ve discovered so many fun and interesting things by doing this. Ireland was no exception as we stumbled into a university that possessed ancient books and viking artifacts. So make sure to wander freely…you never know what you’ll find. 

J. Harvey 


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5 Activities You Should Do In Dublin. My Normal Gay Life Blog

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