Thoughts From The Road: 5 Things To Do At your Wit’s End…

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Sometimes life will throw some pretty interesting situations your way.  For instance, my last semester of grad school was one of the most stressful semesters I’ve ever experienced. My teacher was incompetent and basically spent the semester “tricking” his students. I also had an absurd number of assignments. On top of a stressful educational semester, we also got married. So there was the stress of dealing with all of the wedding issues. 

At a certain point, it was time to do something about my stress.  I decided to take a few actions in order to relieve myself of the worry and frustrations. These things always help me. 

If you are feeling exceptionally stressed out give these a try. I bet you’ll feel better and ready to tackle anything. 

1) Take a Nap

Sometimes the best thing to do it to close your eyes and let the problems sit on the back burner for a little while. Sleep always makes me feel better…especially a nap during the day.

2) Watch Daytime Television

This sounds silly, I know. But daytime television has the worst programming. Usually, you can find a show like Maury on which someone is trying to get their life together or figure out who their baby’s father might be. Not only that, you’ll definitely see a few commercials about hunger, health problems, and even homeless animals. Then you’ll look at your own life and feel a world of gratitude for your stature. 

3) Go for a Walk

A walk can do a world of good. Maybe you can grab your dog (or cat if you’re brave) and head out for a short walk around your neighborhood. Some fresh air, sights of life, and a change of pace an definitely make a difference.

4) Meditate

I have an altar in my office which has statues of the various deities and concepts I believe in, coins for fortune, candles, flowers, and other object on it. These things are items which represent important aspects of my existance and spirituality. So I tend to meditate in front of my altar and I have a small bell which I ring to capture my focus. Meditating has a way of taking my mind off of everything.

5) Just Give Up

Now, I am not saying to quit permanently regarding whatever you are working on or your life. What I am saying is you can give up for a little while and focus on something else. Come back to it later with a renewed sense of purpose and drive. 


Sharing is caring!

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