5 Reasons Getting Sick While Traveling Is The Worst

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I’ve felt rather sick for the last few days and, as a result, my productivity levels went from 100% to 0 pretty quickly. I’m absolutely useless when I’m sick and it’s a bit absurd. The common cold knocks me out of service. This time, however, I actually had a pretty nasty stomach virus that caused me headaches, body aches, chills, fever, and other gross symptoms. 

Usually when I am sick, Alfred takes pretty good care of me. He basically ensures my every wish and desire is fulfilled…awww, what a good husband. The problem this time around was that he also felt pretty under the weather. That’s the joy of being married or dating someone! If one of you is sick, it’s only a matter of time until the other also is sick.

Usually it’s not at the same time but sometimes the universe dishes it out nice and tough. When I am sick at home there are a number of things that can make me feel more comfortable and (dare I say) better.

5 Reasons Getting Sick While Traveling Is The Worst. But keep your chin up because it will alright! -My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey
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1) Soft Blankets because being wrapped up in anything else would just stink. 

2) Chicken Broth because I don’t like to eat much when I’m sick and this gives me tons of nutrients and much-needed fat. 

3) Jello because it’s delicious. I only eat it when I’m sick. 

4) Applesauce because its easy to get down and keep down. 

5) Darkness because when I’m sick I don’t like a lot of light in the room. So I black out the windows. 

If the sickness calls for it then I also really like to make sure I am taking my antibiotics and other medicines, of course. Otherwise, the sickness will languish and no one wants that. Now, I’ve never been too sick when we travel but my husband most certainly has. While we were in France, he came down with a very nasty bug. We still aren’t really sure what the issue was but suffice it to say it was not a fun situation to deal with. We believe it may have been some type of food poisoning from extremely soft cheese he consumed in Paris. We’ll never know.

In any case, dealing with a sickness while you are traveling can be a total pain. Getting sick at home is not too much fun. Here are 5 reasons getting sick while you’re on the road is far worst then at home. 

1) Discomfort

Being sick while you are traveling means you’re stuck in a hotel room at best. At worst, you are couch surfing and have to figure it out. I feel a lot better if I am sick at home because it means I’m allowed to be just gross and no one can say anything about it. If you’re on a train or a plane…that can be another issue. You have to keep it together and it can be very uncomfortable. You also will have a harder time getting the things that make you feel better during a sickness. No fun. 

5 Reasons Getting Sick While Traveling Is The Worst. But keep your chin up because it will alright! -My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey
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2) Scarcity of Medicine

One of the things I had an issue with when Alfred was sick was finding medicine that he might need at a pharmacy. Rules are different about medicine in other countries and that can be an issue. Not only that but language can pose a major problem when you are trying to describe what you need and when you are trying to figure out dosages.  My advise is to be prepared. Fortunately, we had enough medicine packed that we were able to make it through this situation. 

3) Medical Care

We didn’t need to seek medical care during this situation but it can be a major issue. Language, of course, can pose a problem. Additionally, some countries have far inferior medical care than our home country (the US). Let’s not forget the issue of paying for any medical care you receive. In some countries this is more of an issue than in other countries. Make sure your insurance covers medical expenses when you travel and if it does not then you might consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. Luckily, our insurance covers this!

4) Feeling Helpless

All of this adds up to a situation in which you might feel a little helpless. Of course, you’re sick and that doesn’t help make the situation any better but usually these things work out. 

5) Feeling Trapped

When you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is travel. So, unless you are pretty close to home, you’re probably stuck where you are for the time being. That can be a really bad feeling when all you want to do is be home. 

Now, we happened to make it through Alfred’s sickness just fine. Luckily, we were staying at a pretty decent hotel which helped us out and our fridge in the room was stocked with juices and waters. But it still wasn’t a walk in the park. I also tend to pack a few important medicinal staples such as Pepto-Bismol as well as Vitamin C pack, ibuprofen, and other necessities. If you do happen to get sick while you’re traveling, just relax and realize it is sort of out of your control. In most cases, you just need to let the sickness take its course and you’ll be fine. That may or may not ruin your trip but the most important thing in these situations is your health.

Keep in mind there will be other trips in the future but you have to survive and get better in order to enjoy them.

J Harvey

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5 Reasons Getting Sick While Traveling Is The Worst. But keep your chin up because it will alright! -My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey

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