5 Clothing Optional Travel Opportunities for Gay Men

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One of the great perks of being a gay man is our proclivity and comfort with nudity. Go to any Pride event and you’re sure to see half nude men walking around. If you go to a club, shirtless guys are sure to abound. Gay men love to take their clothes off. Traveling exposes us, as gay men, to a more liberal approach to dropping trow. In other words, there are always ample clothing optional travel opportunities!

I’m not exactly sure why a majority of us are so comfortable walking around without a shirt on, in just our skivvies, or even less. Maybe it’s because many of us our proud of the way we look and want to show off our bodies. It could be because most of us sport cute/sexy underwear whose price rival and surpass the cost of women’s Victoria’s Secret panties. Then there is also the whole “gay sexual liberation.” It’s no secret gay men love sex. In fact, we get a bad rap because of it.

But in our sexually charged subculture, shirtless…pantless…it’s just comfortable. I’m sure it’s a little of all three of these reasons plus a few others…and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, I rather enjoy that, overall, the gay male community is rather open-minded.

Now, as gay men, we love ourselves some nudity and we take advantage of situations where we can be shirtless, pantless, and/or fully nude. So here are my top nude and semi-nude events. Of course, some of these aren’t actually events but just excellent opportunities to be nude or semi-nude. 

A little nudity never hurt anyone. 5 Clothing Optional Travel Opportunities For Gay Men. My Normal Gay Life

1) Clothing-Optional Hotels

All across the world, especially in areas known for being super gay friendly, you are sure to find gay boutique hotels where guys don’t have to keep their clothes on. Clothing-optional hotels are great way to get an even tan in your birthday suit from the privacy of an enclosed complex. We once stayed at Island House in Key West, Florida and it was quite a nice stay. Nothing like swimming in a pool in the buff!

2) “Gay Beaches”

Many gay destinations, such as Ptown in Massachusetts and Fire Island in New York, have beaches primarily frequented by gay men. Each year we head to Ptown in August and we spend a substantial amount of time at the gay beach. Tanning in the nude on a beach is extremely relaxing and these types of beaches are much more common in Europe. Usually, these beaches are pretty isolated and nudity isn’t necessarily permitted. So be careful when you decide to take you clothes off on a beach in the US, a ranger or other law enforcement officer might fine you.

Pro Tip: Unless you are urinating or actually trying to cruise, avoid spending too much time in the dunes at gay beaches. You’re sure to see something you don’t want to see…or maybe you do. 

3) Underwear Parties

Yes, gay bars and clubs all across the country host parties during which the primary theme is underwear. If you live in or visit any city with a sizable gay population (and where it isn’t illegal to be gay), it won’t be too hard to find at least one (if not more) underwear parties. Some even combine the theme with foam…and then you have a recipe for messy fun. Usually you walk into the bar or club, strip to your skivvies, and check your clothes at the door. When I was in Fire Island last year, I attended an underwear party and actually wore a jockstrap during the party…and nothing else. It was loads of fun…just need to have confidence and let go. 

45 Clothing Optional Travel Opportunities For Gay Men. My Normal Gay Life) Circuit Parties/Themed Parties In General

Gay men don’t need very much reason to take their clothes off. White party, Black Party, Military Party, Oz Party, Mardi Gras, Carnival, 80s, 70s, Sarong Party…the possibilities are endless. If you attend any of these parties, the fewer clothes you wear the better. Make sure you adhere to the theme and you’ll do just fine. 

5) Pride Events/The Dance Floor

Another common place gay guys tend to take their clothes of is Pride events. Head to a Pride Parade and you’re sure to see guy after guy wearing nothing more than a speedo, boas, feathers, and a plethora of silly balloons. Head to the dance floor and, as the night wears on, guys shirts start vanishing…sometimes followed by their pants. 

Gay men are pretty much, totally ok with nudity. Shirtless, pantless, less? It’s all good! I find it liberating and our parties and events are always a blast. We just embrace our sexuality and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.So if you travel somewhere, embrace your wild side and lay on a beach in the nude or attend an underwear party. 

As they say, you only live once!

So what do you think? Will you give clothing-optional an opportunity?

-J. Harvey

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5 Clothing Optional Travel Opportunities For Gay Men. My Normal Gay Life


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