4 Steps to Make the Best of a Missed Flight

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Missed Flight? No one EVER wants this to happen. But missing a flight is definitely a possibility. If you’re a responisble traveler, you’ll be sure to have everything in order and it may never happen. But be prepared for any number of things that can make you miss a flight such as a delay which can cause you to miss your connection. There are a number of legitimate reason to miss a flight such as security troubles and delays.

Now, let me tell you a brief story about a flight Alfred and I missed at one point. We were on our way to Ireland and had a layover in Atlanta. Since we had a few hours to kill, we decided to go to the Delta Sky Club to have a few drinks. We were having a grand time and then we remembered we had to board a flight. So we head out, and we are in quite a good mood too, and began to walk to our gate. About halfway there, a look of panic took over Alfred’s face. He suddenly was frantic and told me to hurry because he thought the plane had already boarded and was ready to take off. 

In all honesty, the drinks had gone to my head and as Alfred took off, I shouted “See ya there in a few seconds.” When we arrived at the gate the attendant informed us the cabin doors had been closed and there would be no more boarding.

And that was that. 

4 steps to make the best of a missed flight . My Normal Gay Life BlogOf course, there was a momentary feeling of panic. We’d just missed our international flight (which isn’t cheap) and were pretty much stuck in Atlanta. But we headed to the ticket desk and re-booked. It worked out fine. Afterward, we had 24 hours to kill in the city so we booked a hotel for the night. 

Here’s the deal about missing a flight…don’t do it. But if this happens to you, just roll with it. There’s no going back and not missing the flight. In most instances, you can re-book. It’ll just cost you. If nothing else, take it as a lesson learned. 

Meanwhile, if you are a situation like us, make the best of it. We had about 24 hours to spend in Atlanta. So we contacted a friend and went out that night. I remember we were pretty inebriated but had a blast. The next day we woke up and showered. Unfortunately, we only had the clothes on our back so those were worn for the equivalent of three days. 

That day, we spent half our time at the Atlanta Aquarium. It was incredible as we walked through the huge fish tanks which surrounded us on all sides. Whale sharks, normal sharks, and tons of other wildlife made it a very cool experience. 

Following this, we spent time at World of Coca-Cola. Most of the tour was kind of boring to be honest. But the best part was getting to taste Coke products from all over the world. So we, basically, figured out some fun things to do during that little side trip and then we boarded a plane headed to Ireland.

Now, if you miss a flight, here are a few steps to follow….

1) Don’t Panic

There really isn’t any reason to panic. It won’t bring the plane back.

2) Try to Rebook

But be prepared. I can be rather expensive. 

3) Make the Best of It

If you have a layover, and it’s substantially long, have some fun. Go to a bar or club. Find some local attractions and make some good memories to go with this bad experience. 

4) Remember, It’s About the Story

Travel is all about the journey and the experiences you encounter during the journey. Sure…no one wants to miss a flight. But it does turn into a great story you can tell when you are in a social setting. “Remember that time we missed our flight to Ireland…”

-J. Harvey

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4 steps to make the best of a missed flight . My Normal Gay Life Blog

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