4 Reasons Patience is Invaluable To My Relationship

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If there is one skill I think matters most in a relationship, it is patience. Without patience, you can’t understand your partner and your partner most certainly will not be able to understand you. A lack of patience can lead to frustrating moments and I believe that this deficiency leads many relationships to their end. One thing about me is certain, patience is not a natural trait. I am not fond of things taking longer then they should. I’m the kind of person who knows what he is trying to say when is needs to say it. I’m not the best at waiting for people to gather their thoughts and such. I value time and efficiency and sometimes these types of values can be at odds with the inner workings of my relationship. Needless to say, I found it necessary to develop patience over the course of my relationship.See, Alfred is the exact opposite. He’s actually a very patient person. He thinks about what he needs to say and sometimes he really needs more than a split second to decide on his next words. He, typically, doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him and is very laid back. His relaxed attitude has really facilitated in the development of my own patience. I think his manner of being is pivotal in my self-exploration. His patience has balance out my lack of patience as, overtime, I’ve developed into a more understanding and less rushed individual. There are many reason patience is an important trait to any relationship but here are five:

1) Reputation and Success

When it comes to individuals, a great leader is one who is well-rounded and in possession of many skills. Patience is the most basic of skills which tends to be overlooked and it also leads to success. The same goes for relationships or anything you want to succeed at. In order for a relationship to succeed, a culture of dedicated patience must be developed within that relationship. By developing these skills, communication and listening skills flourish as well. In this sense, you and your partner will be known as the couple who just seems to have it going on rather than the couple who either fights all the time or is perceived as being disingenuous. 

2) Results

Any task is made more enjoyable when positive results are experienced. For instance, as I tend my garden, I am elated to harvest the fruits and vegetables flourishing. In this instance I, literally, enjoy the fruits of my labor. Relationships require patience and as a result you will feel closer to your significant other, trust is developed, and your foundation is made rock-solid. However, this type of dedication takes time and, you guessed it, patience!

3) Recognition

Who doesn’t like a little praise every so often? I know I do! Well, when you practice patient dedication to your partner, eventually your partner is bound to shower you with praise. Everyone wants to feel loved, appreciated, and visible. When you have patience with your partner, you demonstrate the extent of your love. You’re willing to give them the time they need to express themselves or to blabber about X topic. You do it with empathy and you do it supportively. These types of actions never go unrecognized. You will realize this recognition through patience and consistent work (yes, relationships require work). The most important step is to learn the source of impatience within your relationship.

4) A Wonderful Resource

Patience is a resource which we all may possess if we choose to exercise mindful existence. It’s a resource requiring self-awareness and control. Any relationship will benefit when both individuals recognize when to exercise patience rather than relying on knee-jerk reactions. 

J Harvey

Sharing is caring!

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