3 Parades To See During Atlanta Pride

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Pride events are typically pretty awesome, party like affairs to celebrate diversity and who we are as LGBT people. Th first Pride Parade began as a result of the events that took place at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. Basically, under the cover of night, police showed up and began arresting LGBT people for no other reason but their sexual identity. The LGBT community rioted and held a march in order to show the world that the LGBT people exists and is proud of its identity. In this post, we’ll talk about Atlanta Pride!

Fast forward nearly 50 years, Pride Parades now take place across the world in every major city and many smaller cities. increasingly, Pride events are taking place in smaller towns as well. We hold these events to commemorate the Stonewall Riots and to make our presence, as a community, known. These days, Pride is huge with thousands of LGBT and non-LGBT people showing up to support the community, a progressive outlook for our world, and diversity.

In October we decided to go to Atlanta Pride because we found great flights and have a number of friends who live in the city. I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of this event but a lot of my friends rave about how awesome it is. They weren’t kidding. It was such a great time filled with awesome food, a wonderful sense of community, house parties, and huge events at bars and parks. I definitely recommend Atlanta’s Pride which is really supported by the City of Atlanta and sponsored by companies such as Coca Cola and Delta Airlines.

During Pride, the cherry on top is the Pride Parade. The parade is important because of what it commemorates and because it gives small businesses, companies, and organizations the chance to demonstrate they’re support for the LGBT community.  Marching in a Pride Parade or even attending really has a huge impact on the LGBT community.

In Atlanta, there are three parades which take place during the weekend of Pride events. They’re all pretty awesome and I suggest supporting each one if you can.

1) Annual Trans Parade

This march takes place starting at the Charles Allen Gate and the route passes Piedmont Park. This march celebrates and promotes the visibility of the Trans community.

2) Dyke Parade

The Dyke Parade starts at the Charles Allen Gate as well. The parade focuses on women, inclusion, and community.

3) Atlanta Pride Parade

This is the big one. The Atlanta Pride Parade is the cherry on top for most people. Companies such as Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, theater companies, drag personalities, the police, firemen, religious organizations and more march in the parade to show their support for the LGBT community. It starts at the Civic Center MARTA station and has a pretty long route merging off Ralph McGill onto Peachtree Street and heading North eventually ending at Piedmont Park.

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