10 Things To Know About Me

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Ultimately, our connections with people are what really matter. 

People are what make life great for us as human beings. It’s people who can take a good life and make it great!  I know there are many things I have accomplished in this life and, though I’ve worked relentlessly and tirelessly to achieve these things, I’ve always had a need to lean on other people for support, love, and advice among other things. Those who holds onto an attitude of “I don’t need anyone” will probably fall utterly flat on their faces. If you plan to accomplish anything then you will need people. Essentially, life is about creating good while building true, authentic connections with people.

My Normal Gay Life Blog is about demonstrating the wonderful (and sometimes negative) connections I have with the people in my life , including my husband, while building a relationship with you, my readers. So, shouldn’t we get to know each other better?

Here Are Ten Things You Probably Don’t About Me:

10 Things To Know About Me. Let's Get To Know Each Other!. My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey1) I’ve always been an athletic person.

In high school, I was the top Cross-country runner in my school and one of the top runners in the county. I also placed fairly well in our State Championships. I ran both cross-country and track and received an athletic scholarship to run in college. After one season, I decided I hated running and quit to focus on academics. (It was the best decision).

2) Despite this, I’m sort of insecure about my looks.

Yes, I feel insecure about the way I look just like many, many people. I know I look ok but I want to look different-ish. I guess this makes me slightly vain. Oh well!

3) I’ve almost died a few times.

In the first grade I suffered from subdural hematoma and wasn’t expected to live through the night. If I survived, I was expected to mentally incapacitated. I woke up and my brain is just fine though I am not supposed to have anymore concussions. At 14, I contracted a pretty terrible form of Malaria while I lived in Mexico at the age of 14…and survived. (A witch doctor actually kept me alive). My appendix also ruptured when I first met Alfred. So I’m not really afraid of death nor should anyone be afraid.

4) I have three degrees

But I’m not using any of them directly at the moment. I have an Bachelor’s in Cultural Studies, a Masters in Nonprofit Agricultural Development, and (soon) a Masters in International Sustainable Development. The development field fascinates me and it really is a necessary subject for the future of our planet. I indirectly use my degrees in a number of ways though. My educational background (combined with that of my husbands) has really given me the inspiration to pursue my own path in life and, so far, it’s OK. 

5) I’m not a very a shy person.10 Things To Know About Me. Let's Get To Know Each Other!. My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey

Despite my body issues, I’m definitely not shy. I don’t really care if people like the way I look and I’m sort of a little firecracker most the time. I can be silly and slightly stupid all the time but I take my goals, work, daily tasks very serious. 

6) I had a pretty scary childhood.

This is something I’ve hinted at in other posts but my childhood was sort of insane. I never felt like I was a child as I’d listen to my parents argue over bills and was always on guard for my father to resort to violence and extreme anger against me. I’ve always protected and cared for my siblings and that has transferred into adulthood. They are my siblings but sometimes I play a parental role helping them in times of need and figuring problems out. 

7) I love to work.

I really do love to work. However, I have to enjoy what I am doing in order to be productive. That means I can’t really see myself ever working a typical 9-5 job. I am trying to get into a habit of reining back the amount of time I invest into work but it’s difficult. With the blog, our small business, our studio, my responsibilities at NCSU, my nonprofit advisory position, and my photography, it can be difficult to justify relax time.  I typically go to sleep at about 2am every morning.

10 Things To Know About Me. Let's Get To Know Each Other!. My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey8) I love coffee and tea

Coffee is definitely my go-to beverage for long days. I love the flavor and all the varieties available! We even have a fancy coffee machine that makes espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, etc.  I hope to head to Ecuador someday to see coffee growing. Tea is also pretty amazing in my book and we have an absurd variety in our kitchen. 

9) Gardening is an important part of my life

I studied agriculture and am very knowledgeable about the subject. I believe everyone should learn to grow things because it is a valuable skill to have. We have a 1/6 acre garden at our home and I love it. Every year, Alfred and I clean it up, develop it more, and grow beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables/fruits. We have raspberries, blackberries, grapes, cherries, blueberries, peaches, and pears that flower every year. There is nothing better than creating a meal using predominantly items you grew yourself. I also help manage a farm at NC State University!

10) I love Instagram

Instagram is such a fun way to see what others are up to in the world. My favorite images include hot men, fitness stuff, art, architecture, interior and exterior design, and travel stuff. My account is @MyNormalGayLife and our business’ account is @UglyBoxStudios. I am addicted to following the following:

  • @nomadicboys
  • @twobadtourists
  •  @travelsofadam
  • @natgeo
  • @felixdeon
  • @lukeaustinphotosthe3rd
  • @thephotosociety
  • @juxtapozmag
  • @adonmagazine
  • @thejeffreymarsh
  • @pansyassceramics
  • @gravlmag
  • @martinstranka
  • @garybaseman

-J Harvey

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10 Things To Know About Me. Let's Get To Know Each Other!. My Normal Gay Life Blog, J Harvey

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