Marriage Anniversary Reflection

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Anniversary Reflection at My Normal Gay Life BlogI’ve been married a year!

Here’s my one year marriage anniversary reflection. Enjoy!

Last year on this day, we were both at different houses dealing with the ins and outs of our wedding day. Personally, I was recovering from a light hangover brought on by our rehearsal dinner. I’d go on to have a manicure, pedicure, massage, and facial before the day was over.

I was feeling rather nervous even though I knew marrying Alfred was exactly what I wanted to do. I was hoping everything would go as planned and that we wouldn’t experience any hiccups. My friends…my entire wedding party stayed at my house and were helping to keep me calm and composed.

On the way to the wedding, a soda (spiked with rum) exploded and drenched my shirt. It was at that point that I decided what would happen would happen.

The wedding was amazing and, even though it cost a fortune, I am glad we decided to have a wedding. That’s a night I will never forget and it was totally worth it.

One year later…Alfred Harvey getting ready for his wedding! Anniversary Reflection at My Normal Gay Life Blog

I am feeling so fortunate to be married to Alfred. He’s my best friend and we somehow work together. He understands me and I understand him and we are a family. It’s sort of of odd because a couple months after getting married I began to feel sad. I wasn’t sad that I married him. Instead, I felt sad for the life I left behind when I did marry him. In a small way, I was coping with an aspect of my existence that vanished when we married each other. I learned that this is a rather natural phenomenon and worked through it myself.

Now, I feel very close to Alfred. I probably feel more close to him than I’ve ever felt. We talk about everything and try to work through any arguments or miscommunication. I feel like I can tell him anything too. We have our own dynamic, our own rules, and our norms that work for us and I couldn’t be any happier.

I’ve also learned things in this year. I’ve learned that I have the ability to provide calm in our relationship even if I am quite the wildflower. I’ve learned I am capable of patience. I’ve also learned what it feels like to see my husband succeed and relish his success. His victories feel like my victories and that is amazing.

Lastly, I’ve learned the things that bring us closer aren’t always what I expect. I’m not really sure what most of us expect will bring us closer to our loved ones. But I do know there have been some amazing highs and some really crappy lows this year. Through it all, we’ve grown closer to one another.

I’m happy to have reached our first anniversary and I look forward to many more. After all, we have our whole life.

J Harvey


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