Quick Guide: Pittsburgh’s 15 Best Attractions

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a place not highly known for it’s tourism but still has a lot to offer if you find yourself in the city sometime. Alfred and I have family outside the city and so we visit every few years. His oldest sister actually lives in the area with her husband and three children. Typically, we hang out with our family quite a bit but then we need a break. Really…I need a break from children. So we head into the city and explore a bit.

The city is filled with fun things to do as you can see in the Quick Guide below. One of my favorite sections of the city is what I would refer to as a warehouse district. It’s filled with large, old warehouses and building that have been abandoned for years. Despite it, there is a resurgence of life in the area. Some of the buildings have been and are being converted into living places and some awesome restaurants are located in the area. It’s definitely hipster central as you explore and notice the derelict buildings, cool restaurants, bars, ethnic shops and more. It’s not listed in the Quick Guide because I didn’t know how to describe it.

Another wonderful way to spend the evening is to take the Duquesne Incline to the top and eat at one of the few restaurants located there. You can sit outside and have a great view of the Pittsburgh skyline as well as the river. It’s a lovely time.

In any case, here is the quick guide filled with awesome attractions and things to do. If you ever have the opportunity, explore Pittsburgh.

It’s definitely worth a visit!

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