Quick Travel Guide: Gay Key West

Key West is just one of those places where anyone can feel comfortable at home. Historically, the island has always been rather open-minded providing an escape for the LGBT community. Ernest Hemingway famously frequented the island and in its glory days, it was quite the place to go for our community. So what makes gay Key West special?

These days, it is still a bastion of gay culture. However, the general opinion about the island is that it is the getaway place for the older gay community. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they feel like Key West is for older gay people. In reality, it still welcomes a vibrant and diverse group of people each year to enjoy its laid back atmosphere.

The island offers a number of excellent accommodations ranging from your typical high-end hotels to your smaller, more intimate (and sometimes clothing-optional) boutique guesthouses. There is plenty to do on the island from restaurants, to shopping, to museums, to bars and nightclubs.

While we stayed in Key West, I never felt the need to put very many clothes on. In fact, as you walk down Duval Street, it’s common to see people in their bathing suits. The island is just that laid back…no judgement, no care.

Be sure to toast the sunset at least once as it’s possibly one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen. For your convenience, I’ve put together this list of places you may choose to visit after the sunset.

Have fun!

J Harvey

Quick Guide: Gay Key West. My Normal Gay Life Blog.








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Quick Travel Guide: Gay Key West. My Normal Gay Life Blog


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