Life Reflection: Approach Life As An Adventure

Life is a lot like travel.

The best experiences happen when we step away from the pre-planned itineraries. It’s pretty healthy to have a consistent routine but sometimes we all just need to step outside the box a little. If all we ever do is participate in experiences that are spoon-fed to us, life will begin to stink. It will grow routine and monotonous. It’s this type of living that leads to negative emotions.  Life is an adventure…live it!

Life Reflection: Approach Life As An Adventure. My Normal Gay Life Blog
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You see, life is a lot more exciting when we are willing to be just a bit daring and put ourselves out there. Approach life as a perpetual adventure and treat each day as something you must experience to get to that next level. When we do this, we feel prosperous and fulfilled. Life becomes intriguing and something we look forward to each and every day. Even someone working a typical 9-5 job can find life to be incredibly fun and fascinating if they simply approach it as an adventure with the main mission being to live.

Reach out!

But we can’t meander through this adventure on our own. In fact, the greatest part of the adventure is allowing others to get to know you and join you on your life’s quest. The fun part of it is when you develop relationships, your respective life’s quest end up meshing and becoming even more complex. I know my life is much more amplified as a result of my husband, family, and friends. All we have to do is be willing to speak to others and open the potential for great communication…that’s when life really gets interesting.

But don’t be miserable.

Alternatively, we can live a virtual life only interacting with people through a keyboard and never really allowing any risks into our life. But this can lead to misery, depression, gluttony and more. We allow ourselves to stay lost in a fictional world behind the bindings of a book…or we can simply never leave our homes. Where’s the fun in that? The most important thing to remember is that happiness is our own responsibility. A place, other people, your pets…nothing else is responsible for trying to make you happy. If we want life to be exciting and adventurous then we need to change our outlook and take action to make it happen.

The key to all of this is positive action. In essence, it is the cure for feeling down. Our actions immediately produce results and, just like many medicines, positive actions must build up in our spiritual system to help us always be optimistic. Through this type of outlook and action, we not only create a better self, we create a better world.

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Life Reflection: Approach Life As An Adventure. My Normal Gay Life Blog

In 1987, I was born. I'm, naturally, trying to figure it all out. I intend to enjoy every adventure on this journey and am always looking to the future to try to predict where I am headed...but mostly I just enjoy the ride. Photographer, business owner, entrepreneur, agronomist, "chef," uncle, and husband are all terms that describe me. - October 10, 2014: Marriage equality arrived in North Carolina (home). - November 26, 2014: My husband asked me to marry him. - June 26, 2015: Marriage equality granted to all US citizens by SCOTUS. - October 3, 2015: I married my husband. These three life changing events really influenced the creation of this blog. With the advance of LGBT equality in the United States and the world, people have questions. People want to know how, exactly, does a gay relationship work. Sure, there are plenty of stereotypes which provide unsubstantiated "truth," but I think it is vital people really understand that our lives, our relationships, our love is no different then their heterosexual counterparts. In other words, My Normal Gay Life is the chronicling of one normal individual's life (MINE!) who happens to be gay. I hope to demonstrate to the world that LGBT people are no different than heterosexual people. I'm just a normal person and I want my readers to understand my normal. About 90% of what I write is dedicated to travel because, frankly, travel is an important part of my life. The other 10% is focused on my relationship, friendships, career, business, art, sex, and troubles. But travel is definitely the most important part! Think of it as a continuous dribble of stuff that makes my life. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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