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My Normal Gay Life About MeWHO AM I ?

Put simply, I am a gay traveler. My name is Jose Harvey and, aside from blogging, I have a master’s degree in Nonprofit Agricultural Development and a master’s degree in International Sustainable Development. Of course, I could have found a typical job but that would be far to easy…so instead I chose to write! I live in Raleigh, NC, and I’m living my normal as I travel around the world. What does that mean exactly?

Well, with the advent of marriage equality in the United States (where I am from), I decided LGBT visibility is very important to the future of our existence as gay individuals. I know there are many people out there who live in fear of retribution¬†as a result of their sexual orientation. Since I am an out and proud gay man, I decided I would use my life to show people in the world what it looks like to be in a gay marriage. The idea, of course, being to illustrate and demonstrate “my normal.”

In other words, My Normal Gay Life is the chronicling of one normal individual’s life (mine) who happens to be gay. The blog started out focusing on my life in general but quickly evolved to center on the best part of my life; travel. I hope to demonstrate LGBT people are no different than heterosexual people while encouraging my fellow adventurers to get out there and explore this great, big, wonderful world we live in regardless of sexual orientation. In the end, LGBT people are no different than heterosexual people. I’m just a normal guy having the time of my life and I want you to go along for the adventure.


I started the blog about a year and a half ago and it’s quickly grown into its own skin. In all honesty, I never intended to pursue this as my full-time occupation but it happened so I’m going with it. In fact, My Normal Gay Life has become something I take great pride in. It really gives meaning to my days to bring my readers excellent content which you find useful!

The blog delves into all kinds of topics regarding travel with a sprinkling of personal posts about the LGBT community and life in general. Just think of it as your go to place for tips, tricks, insider notes, and connections to the rest of the world. Be on the look-out for inspiring photos and fun video updates. This is my way of bringing the world into your home and hopefully motivating you to get out there, travel, live your normal!

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I go on multiple trips each year and am always up for making new friends wherever I am. I always say it’s more fun to share the adventure and it’s true! So join me, connect, and let’s see what this great big world has to offer!