5 Things To Know About The Gay Beach

Whenever you travel, you may decide to head to the beach. If you’re like me, you’ll check to see if there is an option to hang out on a gay beach because it’s a lot more fun to be able to be yourself. Gay beaches offer a safe space, so to speak, where LGBT people can lounge around, enjoy the beach weather, and even be intimate with their partners.

Heading to a gay beach means I can take a nap with my husband on the beach or kiss him and not get nasty glares. It means I can hang out with a gaggle of my gay friends and we don’t have to worry about being oppressed by those around us.

Usually when you travel, you can find a beach that is known to be the place where LGBT people hang out or is the official gay beach of an area. You can do a quick internet search to find out if there is a gay beach and then head out to enjoy a nice sunny day on the beach. Before you go, you’ll need to be aware of a few things. Gay beaches aren’t your typical beach and things can be a bit different.

5 things to know about gay beaches. My normal gay life blog. 1) They’re usually difficult to get to for a reason.

LGBT people heading specifically to the gay beach do so because they want to be themselves while enjoying the ocean. It’s not always been acceptable for gay people to be themselves and, as a result, gay beaches tend to be difficult to get to. You might have to hike a bit so you’ll need to be committed to getting there.


2) Nudity

Most gay men are more comfortable with nudity. So, you can expect the gay men hanging out at the gay beach to wear skimpy speedos or nothing at all. Regardless of the nudity policy at a gay beach, you are bound to see a few people in the buff. If nudity is permitted, give it a try. It’s quite liberating.

3) You may want to avoid the dunes…

Sometimes exploring the dunes can be fun! They’re amazing geological structures that are also so transient. However, on a gay beach, the dunes are where some gay men hang out for a bit of cheeky fun. So, you can definitely explore the dunes but prepared to stumble on something you may or may not want to see.

4) Take everything you need.

Since gay beaches are hard to get to most the time, it’s important to take everything you’ll need. Towels, chairs, umbrellas, snacks, wine…take it all. And take it back out with you too. There won’t be any trash cans or concessions. You won’t be able to rent a beach chair. So be prepared!

5) Seclusion

The gay beach can, and most the time, will be pretty crowded. But the beach itself is usually far removed from the areas where children and families hang out. You’ll be able to enjoy it without worrying about kids running about and being loud. It’s nice and relaxing.

So are you heading to the gay beach the next time you get the chance?

J Harvey

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5 things to know about gay beaches. My normal gay life blog.


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